Drink Gin and help build a community resilience fund against future flooding

Picure of pHure gin for Watermark Fund

pHure gIn is a modern, low temperature distilled gin, scientifically developed to retain the more volatile botanical flavours. It is so smooth making it superb neat, just trickled over ice, with a touch of tonic and a slice of cucumber. The gin was born and bred in Brighouse, West Yorkshire and there is no distillery or distiller behind it….

For every bottle sold, a percentage goes towards the Watermark Fund, set-up in the aftermath of the devastating Boxing Day 2015 floods that left considerable damage to homes and businesses across Calderdale. Watermark is a community-led initiative that acts as an insurance policy against future flooding.

A tasting took place just before Christmas at the Watermark head office, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, West Yorkshire.

This article is an edited version. Go to the Watermark Fund website for the full article. Look out for Eatnorth’s interview on the chemists behind the pHure gIn coming soon…

Watermark gin__________________________________________________________________________

WITH nibbles, ice, lemon and tonic we wasted no time in cracking open the pHure gIn bottle to experience the exceptional flavours of the gin.

Euan Noble who created the gin with his fellow chemists joined us and provided insight into how the gin is made and how you should enjoy it. Euan is the owner of Rokt and Millers Bar in Brighouse, both of which were badly affected by the Boxing Day floods 2015. He wanted to support Watermark as a way of saying thanks for the support he received after the floods.

“It was an easy YES to give to the fund and overtime we will continue to put part of our profit towards a truly amazing community support system,” said Noble.

pHure Liquors was established prior to the floods of 2015 by three chemists. One of which is the founder of ROKT Climbing in Brighouse.

Soon after the floods and facing massive destruction ROKT’s future was uncertain. It was the strength of the community spirit, fundraising efforts and match-funding via Government that gave the owners of ROKT a new lease of life.

That is why they have created pHure gin and vodka brands specifically where a significant percentage of net profit from each sale will go directly to the Watermark Fund.

The gin RRP is 250ml £15 & 700ml £39.95. Go to PHure Liquors to find out more.

Watermark Calderdale

Watermark Calderdale is a campaign to build a resilience fund for our towns for future flooding. Our aim is to build a pot of money that can be accessed by businesses & households immediately when future floods hit (because they will – it may be 5 years’ time, it may be next week!).

WATERMARK FUND IS a NOT-FOR-PROFIT campaign and is a joint venture between Totally Locally & Community Foundation for Calderdale.



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