Review: Liverpool Vodka and Whitley Neill Quince Gin

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Introducing Liverpool Vodka and Whitley Neill Quince Gin.

Liverpool Vodka

The Details:
Made in: Liverpool
ABV:      43%
Volume: 700ml

What is it?

liverpool vodkaHANDCRAFTED vodka by Lora Hemy, head distiller at the Halewood Wine and Spirits Distillery based in Huyton, Liverpool. You can read our interview with Hemy here.

The small batch potato vodka, launched at the Liverpool Food and Drink festival last year, is  traditionally distilled on a Holstein copper pot still. It is lightly distilled to avoid removing taste and character from the liquid resulting in a heritage spirit that is both smooth and complex.

It is made with carefully selected potatoes, giving it a creamy taste with fragrant notes of freshly cracked black peppercorns. What’s more it has been designed as the ideal base for the perfect vodka martini.

Picture of Lora Hemy
Lora Hemy Head Distiller at Halewood Wines and Spirits

Hemy says: “Being able to use the new copper pot is amazing and I wanted the process for Liverpool Vodka to be authentic, so we opted to use potatoes which bring a creamy high quality taste to the liquid. Potato vodka is made using very traditional methods which span centuries of distilling history. It offers a unique taste and character that highly distilled grain vodka does not.

“At 43% alcohol, we have gone for a higher strength than most of the vodka currently on the market, but it is about delivering something different to the consumer. The city of Liverpool is about energy, the love of football and music and Liverpool Vodka reflects the passion of the city and its people.”

Liverpool Vodka RRP is £48 and is available in numerous outlets in the on and off-trade across the UK including Lunya and 30 James Street in Liverpool and Harvey Nichols.

Tasting Note:

Deliciously creamy taste, punctuated with fragrant notes of freshly cracked black peppercorns. Freshly grated lemon peel balanced with hints of sugared almonds and bonfire toffee, whilst the finish is full and smooth, ending with freshly whipped cream and lemon balm.

Distributed by Halewood Wine and Spirits…Whitley Neill Quince Gin

WhitleyQuinceGin-2The Details:

Distributed: Halewood Wine and Spirits in Liverpool
ABV:           43%
Volume:      70cl

THE gin, made with real quince fruit, is marketed as being inspired by the travels of the Neill family through Persia in the 1900s.

Distilled in small batches by Johnny Neill, a direct descendant of Thomas Greenall and the last in a long line of distillers, this gin aims to provide bartenders with a genuine point-of- difference in their offering to consumers.

Whitley Neill use Turkish quince although quince is traditionally English. In this country, it is an under-utilised fruit. However, it does provide this gin with its gorgeous colour and a smooth yet deliciously sweet taste.

It would be lovely served over ice, or with a decent tonic to lighten and lengthen the drink. Alternatively it will make an excellent base for a wine spritzer made with red wine & orange juice or with soda water and a squeeze of lime.

RRP for Whitley Neill Quince Gin is £26. It is currently available via Ocado or via Amazon, although the latter is sold few pounds more.

Tasting Note:

Whitley Neill Quince Gin is a blend of Persian herbs with Turkish quince juice. It has prominent stone fruits (peaches and apricots) but is dominated by the unmistakable flavour of quince. Coriander and lemon zest make a notable appearance before ending with a long, fruity finish.

To find out more about these spirits contact:
Halewood Wines and Spirits
The Sovereign Distillery
Wilson Road, Huyton Business Park
Liverpool, L36 6AD
Tel: +44 (0)151 480 8800.
Telesales 0845 6000 


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