Top 40 of Britain’s favourite childhood foods revealed

Picture of Bread and butter pudding

Rice pudding, Findus crispy pancakes and mum’s roast dinner are amongst nostalgic foods that propel Brits back to childhood… what’s your favourite foodie childhood memory?

A nationwide research of 2,000 adults by Vue Cinema has revealed the foods which remind Brits most of their childhood years, with mum’s roast dinner coming top (34%).

Rice pudding (39%), soft boiled eggs and soldiers (30%), fish fingers (29 %) and arctic roll (28%) made up the top five– with choc ices, orange squash and cola cubes also emerging within the list of instant memory triggers.

Around 78% of those surveyed said they felt nostalgic just thinking about certain foods. 20% said their biggest nostalgia trigger was bread and butter pudding and one in ten voted for tea time classic, beans on toast.

The smell and taste of certain foods simply made 50% of respondents feel happy, whilst 43% found reminders of childhood food comforting and took them back to their childhood home or grandparent’s house.

Some unpleasant trigger memories were also revealed in the poll – liver, soggy cabbage, lumpy mash, spam, lumpy gravy and cold custard topped the list of least favourite food memories.

 The Top 40 revealed:

Mum’s roast dinner – 34%
Rice pudding – 31%
Soft boiled eggs and soldiers – 30%
Fish fingers – 29%
Arctic roll – 28%
Mr Whippy ice cream – 28%
Sherbet – 27%
Custard – 26%
Trifle – 25%
Cola cubes – 25%
Beans on toast – 24%
Jam roly poly – 23%
Viennetta – 22%
Choc ices – 21%
Findus Crispy pancakes – 21%
Candy Floss – 20%
Toffee apples – 20%
Bread and butter pudding – 20%
Tinned peaches – 20%
Battenberg – 19%
Party Rings – 18%
Liquorice sticks – 18%


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