All-women distilling team forges new path for women in whisky

Picture of three women who work at Penderyn Distillery in Wales.
L-R Aista Phillips, Bethan Morgan and Laura Davies.

“We want to demolish the antiquated perceptions of whisky as a man’s domain.”

Raising a toast to World Whisky Day (May 18), an all-female team at the Penderyn Whisky Distillery in Wales are proving to be an inspiration to women wanting to enter the world of whisky.

The women are involved in every stage of the process in creating the whiskies in the two distilleries, located in Penderyn, on foothills of the Breacon Beacon National Park and in Llandudno, on the North Wales coast.

Now, Penderyn Distillery wants to break down the “long-held gender norms ”ingrained” in the industry.

It is developing mentorship programmes and partnerships to foster the next generations of female whisky makers in Wales and far beyond.

Penderyn Distillery CEO Stephen Davies hopes the pioneering women at Penderyn will inspire more women to enter the fascinating world of whisky production and blending.

“We want to throw open the doors and show that in the modern whisky landscape, women are more than capable of leading the artistry and craft of making exceptional whiskies,” Davies said.

The fruits of the Penderyn women’s labour can be savoured in each sip of the distillery’s Madeira-finished, Sherry wood and Portwood single malt expressions.

These whiskies have won prestigious global awards for their outstanding quality, rich complexity, and quintessentially Welsh character.

Laura Davies is general manager of the distilleries, Bethan Morgan is the distiller and Swansea copperworks manager, Aista Phillips is the master blender.

“This all-women team is forging an exciting new era for whisky in Wales and empowering the next generation of women in the industry.”

The women are involved in milling of premium malted barley to the precise heating of the copper mash tun in the distillery hall, right through to fermentation and maturation.

Phillips then comes into her own tasked with sourcing the finest oak casks.

Picture of Aista Phillips with tasting and canapes .
Master blender Aista Phillips.

Penderyn Distillery was the first to bring back the 100-year-old tradition of Welsh single malt whisky to Wales.

Penderyn has also launched a ‘Night at the Distillery’ experience where whisky lovers can visit from 7:30pm-10:20pm.

Guests can take a tour of the distillery and savour whiskies with canapes. The tours cost £65 per person and includes a gift bag.

Find out more here.

Picture of Night time distillery tour at Penderyn.


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