Calder Valley’s Traditonal Dock Pudding

Picture of World Dock Pudding

Dock Pudding (or Passion Dock Pudding) is a very localised dish. Only found in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire.

Yorkshire born TV wine personality Joe Fattorini  – (click here to read all about him) has said it is one of his favourite dishes, we thought we would share the traditional recipe, courtesy of World Dock Pudding Championships.

Dock Pudding is made from dock leaves, nettles, oatmeal, onions, butter and seasoning. The pudding is heated through to form part of a ‘traditional’ Yorkshire breakfast.

The dock leaves used are from  Polygonum Bistorta, a sweet variety and not common cow dock leaves. More recently Persicaria Bistorta has been used. The spinach-like dock leave combo is usually fried together and served with bacon and eggs.

The World Dock Pudding Championships was founded in 1971 and is held at the local Community Centre in the village of Mytholmroyd, Calderdale.

‘During the Second World War, the German propagandist William Joyce, better known as ‘Lord Haw Haw’ announced on German radio that food rationing was so bad in Yorkshire that people had resorted to eating ‘grass’, unaware that dock pudding was supposed to be a delicacy!’


Calder Valley’s Dock Pudding – serves 2
Large onions or 2 large bunches of spring onions, young nettles, oatmeal, butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Wash and clean the dock leaves and remove the stalks.
Wash and clean the nettles.
Chop the onions.
Fry the vegetables in the butter until tender.
Add the oatmeal and cook for about 20 minutes, stirring to prevent the mixture from sticking.
The pudding is then ready for eating or for storing in a sealed container.

Picture of World Dock Pudding Championships contestant dishes


  1. I have recently read we ate it in Lancashire too (Clitheroe, so on the border of Yorkshire). This is what led me to look up the recipe. Thank you for sharing it.


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