I sea Pasta – 100% organic seaweed

Seaweed pasta with Octopus
Seaweed pasta with Octopus

Seaweed pasta for ‘everyday dishes’

Seaweed is no longer just the staple ingredient for sushi or for adding to a miso soup, now it can be used to replace pasta in everyday dishes and – even to make chocolate – thanks to the launch of I Sea Pasta Tagliatelle by Seamore.

Picture of I Sea Chocolate
I Sea Chocolate

The 100% wild I sea Pasta, handpicked on the shores of Connemara, Ireland. has also been endorsed by top chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi and Dutch Michelin star chef, Andre Gerrits owner of Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje.

Recipe by chef Yotam Ottolenghi as featured in his Plenty More cookbook
Recipe by chef Yotam Ottolenghi as featured in his Plenty More cookbook

According to market insight company Horizons, in its latest Menu Trends survey 2016, there appears to be a growing trend towards consumers wanting to see healthier and more novel ingredients on our British menus so, now could be the right time for the hospitality industry to really embrace this wonder food, which, incidently, has been around since prehistoric times.

I sea pasta. 100 grams dried seaweed plus water will give you about 500 grams of sea veggies. This package holds enough seaweed for five servings.

Picure of Seaweed bolognese
Seaweed bolognese
I sea Pasta Tagliatelle
I sea Pasta Tagliatelle

Go to waldo@seamorefood.com  to enqure about trade prices.


Tips on using seaweed pasta:

  • Mix seaweed with normal tagliatelle for a gentle introduction.
  • Add sauce, olive oil or dressing for the best experience.
  • Its flavour is mild and neutral making a great base to add flavour  and texture via other ingredients.
  • Seaweed is savoury hence its Japanese name – umami meaning savoury.
  • Use the soaked water as a broth – all the vitamins are in there.

To Prepare:

Soak for 45 minutes in cold water if you don’t want it to be as fishy but still have a bit. Perfect for raw food and salads.

Soak in hot water for 20 minutes if you want it slightly fishy or ‘seabreeze’ with a mild bite.

Cook for 15-20 minues just like you would pasta if you want a more tender and rather ‘seabreeze’ feel.

20g per person is suffice.





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