Nine Tines premium potato vodka created in Yorkshire Dales

COLLABORATION Spirits has launched Nine Tines Vodka. The vodka is an award-winning super smooth small-batch premium potato vodka that uses potatoes grown in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

The grain and gluten-free vodka is carefully hand-crafted from field to bottle – nine miles from field to distillery – using pure Yorkshire spring water.

It is distilled 30 times over copper plates before being filtered slowly through charcoal for five days. This produces a perfectly balanced smooth and creamy vodka.

The name was inspired from the number of ‘tines’ on a potato fork which is used to gently lift the potatoes from the ground, what historians would call a sippet. With specially rounded ends to ensure the precious potatoes are not damaged when hand turning, a sippet traditionally had nine tines in a simple row.

Collaboration Spirits said that they had “purposely” gone against the grain in creating Nine Tines Vodka by crafting a potato-based vodka that uses the best Yorkshire ingredients.

“There are only a handful of English potato-based vodkas, but they are capturing people’s imagination as it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. It’s smooth and creamy without the harshness associated with grain-based spirits” said Collaboration Spirits co-founder Richard Smith.

“We are responsible for the entire process from growing the potatoes to distillation with the journey from field to bottle just nine miles. Our vodka has a toffee-like sweetness with vanilla and delicate warming spices balanced with savoury earthy tones. It is wonderfully versatile – as delicious over ice as it is in a cocktail.”

Nine Tines, created by two Yorkshire families, won two Gold and a Silver medal in The Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters 2023 awards. One of these gold medals was awarded in the ultra-premium category.

Judges noted that the vodka was buttery with an earthy sweetness, it has notes of lime peel, vanilla (and) sweet spice” It has a “nice balance, would be great sipped neat, or in a Martini or create the Yorkshire Old Fashioned Cocktail here.

Nine Tines is a premium handcrafted potato vodka which features 24 Lady Claire potatoes in each bottle, grown on a fourth-generation farm in the heart of North Yorkshire. It takes more than two weeks to carefully handcraft and distil each bottle.

Nine Tines (40% ABV) costs £39 (70cl). It is available online.



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